Research Opportunities in the Moris Lab



We have the potential to recruit a Computational Postdoc to study human gastruloids, preferably with experience in sequencing data analysis (including single cell), bioinformatics and/or mathematical modelling. If this might be of interest to you, do get in touch with us, explaining your specific focus and why you think you might be a good fit for our team.

September 2021


This project will make use of human gastruloids to investigate: 

  • the emergence of different cell types and their spatiotemporal coordination in three-dimensional human gastruloids;

  • the relevance of this in vitro system to the development of the mammalian embryo in vivo;

  • the possibilities for using human gastruloids as disease models of various congenital abnormalities with medical relevance.

The precise details of the project will be decided on in consultation with the supervisor and the rest of the team. The role will involve culturing human ESCs to generate gastruloids and using techniques such as confocal microscopy, single cell RNA-sequencing, live-imaging and genetic engineering. Training in molecular biology, cell biology, microscopy and bioinformatics will be provided.