Group Leader

I studied Biological Science at Imperial College London as an undergraduate, and found myself fascinated by developmental biology and how the embryo is able to form a complete organism from a single cell. I went to Cambridge to do a PhD with Cristina Pina and Alfonso Martinez-Arias, looking at mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation. I was particularly interested in gene expression dynamics of single cells and epigenetic regulation of transitions between states. I then moved into 3D models of embryogenesis, using mouse gastruloids as an in vitro system to study multiaxial pattern formation. In 2017 I became a Junior Research Fellow at Newnham College, before starting my own group (2021).


Senior Laboratory Research Scientist

I studied for my PhD in the Martinez Arias lab before working with Professor Jennifer Nichols at the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute on modelling gastrulation in vitro with embryonic stem cells during my first post-doctoral position.

In the Moris lab, I am exploring the early stages of human gastruloid development in which symmetry is broken and the germ layers are specified. I want to better understand the factors regulating these processes and how we can use this knowledge to improve the representation of tissues that are formed.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking for friends and family, running, cycling and being outdoors. You can use the following links to find me on LinkedIn and Twitter


We will be looking for enthusiastic new members to join our team, so do get in touch if you might be interested in a PhD, Postdoc or Researcher position!

(Background Artwork by Morgan Harper Nichols)