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2021 | Reproductive Toxicology

In vitro teratogenicity testing using a 3D, embryo-like gastruloid system

Mantziou, V., Baillie Benson, P., Jaklin, M., Kustermann, S., Martinez Arias, A. & Moris, N.

2020 | Nature

An in vitro model of anteroposterior organisation during human development

Moris, N.*, Anlas, K.*, van den Brink, S.C.*, Alemany, A.*, Schroeder, J., Ghimire, S., Balayo, T., Oudenaarden, A., & Martinez Arias, A.

2020 | Nature

Single-cell and spatial transcriptomics  reveals somitogenesis in gastruloids

van den Brink, S.*, Alemany A.*, van Batenburg, V.*, Moris, N., Blotenburg, M., Vivie, J., Baillie-Johnson, P., Nichols, J., Sonnen, K., Martinez Arias, A., & Oudenaarden, A.

2018 | Nature

Multi-axial self-organization properties of mouse embryonic stem cells into gastruloids

Beccari, L.*, Moris, N.*, Girgin, M.*, Turner, D., Baillie-Johnson, P., Lutolf, M., Duboule, D. & Martinez Arias, A.

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2021 | Development

Tissue and cell interactions in mammalian PGC development

Cooke, C. & Moris, N.

2021 | Stem Cell Reports

Biomedical and societal impacts of in vitro embryo models of mammalian development

Moris, N., Alev, C., Pera, M., Martinez Arias, A.

2021 | Developmental Biology

Human gastrulation: The embryo and its models

Ghimire, S., Mantziou, V., Moris, N., Martinez Arias, A. 

2020 | Current Opinion in Genetics & Development

Experimental embryology of gastrulation: pluripotent stem cells as a new model system

Moris, N., Martinez Arias, A., Steventon, B.

2020 | Current Opinion in Cell Biology

Pluripotent stem cell models of early mammalian development

Baillie-Benson P., Moris N., Martinez Arias, A. 

2016 | Nature Reviews Genetics

Transition states and cell fate decisions in epigenetic landscapes.

Moris N., Pina C., Martinez Arias A.

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Biorxiv Preprints

Our lab is committed to open science, and has tried to make every research paper accessible before publication using the preprint server biorxiv. Links to PDF articles can be found below.

In vitro teratogenicity testing using a 3D, embryo-like gastruloid system

March, 2021

Veronika Mantziou, Peter Baillie-Benson, Manuela Jaklin, Stefan Kustermann, Alfonso Martinez Arias, Naomi Moris

Histone Acetyltransferase KAT2A Stabilises Pluripotency with Control of Transcriptional Heterogeneity

June, 2018

Naomi Moris, Shlomit Edri, Denis Seyres, Rashmi Kulkarni, Ana Filipa Domingues, Tina Balayo,  Mattia Frontini, Cristina Pina

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